A Description of a Map of the People of God


Yellow Mastebronn Fulwich Canterbury Nullwich-MaGadden


(with footnotes)

“Shall thee come unto me the underbreech of the common man? The map that does tend to us virile, the map in which shows us our known world, for the inhabitants of long before were there enclosed within that mountain range that towers so high, that towers overneath us, the whites of their towers doth reach to the Moon! The seas that extend for leagues deep as though to the feets of the World, the deepings there, the shadowed darks, the caves of dwelling all within the sea water sea, the salty sea that encompasses around us as if levied for taxes! Extends out and beyond that those Hinterlands shall they be known, for there are not scant tales of those who forged beyond to find misery in their breech! It is of no consequence, it does not lend itself to expansion. We are here this our World, this our Origen, where God met man and thus situated a Vulgate, a Perfunctory, a Law, and they are from the Yellow Ochre Leaf did God meet and did God meet well, the Seeds of God’s Dominion, God’s want and will, and we know of it by the kings and queens that God hath chosen for us, God makes God’s will known to us, us as known the People of God.”

– Yellow Mastebronn Fulwich Canterbury Nullwich-MaGadden, in the Year of Our Lord, 3, that of the mighty Crimson Glory Leaf


[1] A popular expression and salutation during this Season of the Crimson Glory Leaf.


[2] The Hinterlands.


[3] The snow-covered mountains of the Hinterlands.


4] “It is thought as to the large of it, that there be Hinterland mountains so obscene, and so large and vast that they reach to Her, the Moon…” – Anon

[5] In this context the word means both a breach of borders (it is believed those who travel to the Hinterlands are breaching a kind of line, a border of sorts that leads to oblivion) and the buttocks.


[6] There is no point in expanding out and settling the Hinterlands. It is de facto Wilderness and Oblivion and can never be tamed by hands.