Hemsley Floftrack discusses the Origens



(with footnotes)

“The waves crash on beaches shorn, waves collapse, on bivirulent[1] stages of sand, there in the farthest outreach![2] Tis not of the last survivor for there are worlds thought about and projected even farther beyond those miles and miles, those eons of mountain rock[3], does the world exist beyond it? Stick in the middle, the Seed was planted there in the center and from it out grew the spiraled world of which we know, very cast and water driven, the islands of our universe there within captured a circular rise to glory, be that heaven that resides and does abide with us, here in our conscience of the middle, therein what is known as the Origens.”

– Hemsley Floftrack, The Year of Our Lord, 54, of the Daffodil Leaf

[1] Savage, blistering, fierce, ferocious.

[2] The Hinterlands.

[3] The Hinterlands are believed to be a vast expanse, an icy wasteland that radiates out from the Origens for all eternity, or at least a very long whiles.